Dirty Word of the Day: Verge

March 2, 2024


Verge: a. brink, threshold b. something that borders, limits, or bounds: such as

c. British : a paved or planted strip of land at the edge of a road, often-neglected strip of grass between a property and the road. Verges are strips of groundcover consisting of grass or garden plants, and sometimes also shrubs and trees, located between a roadway and a sidewalk. Verges are known by dozens of other names such as grass strip, Hell strip, nature strip or curb strip, the usage of which is often quite regional.

Verges are often considered public property, with maintenance usually being a municipal responsibility. Some local authorities, however, require property owners to help maintain their respective verge areas.

Benefits of having verges include visual aesthetics, and can be part of sustainability for water conservation or the management of urban runoff and water pollution

Before you start, check with your local authority, which has guidelines about what you can dig up and plant. These may include:

· Plant height limits so driver and pedestrian visibility is not impaired and doors of cars parked on the curb can be opened.

· No toxic, noxious or weedy plants.

· No trip hazards or sharp objects such as wires, raised edging, stakes, rocks, plants with prickles or thorns, etc., that can injure pedestrians, cyclists and skateboarders.

· Ensuring access across strip for pedestrians.

· Consult with neighbors before installing.

Dial before you dig = 811

While you are responsible for your nature strip, the public has the right to access it and local authorities and regional utilities have the right to dig it up. Before you start, check what pipes, cables and services are underneath and be mindful that your plants may removed if necessary.

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Country road lined with vibrant wildflowers and lush green foliage.

Photo: iStockphoto

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