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Caladium expert Terri Bates chats about caring for them,

Teresa Watkins in back from Ireland with lots of information.

Did you know a lot of plants which grow there can grow here in Florida? Teresa is back with lots of information she learned on her 50 Shades of Green trip to Ireland. What you can be planting & transplanting? Are you mowing after it rains or mowing to create ruts?

Planning a new garden? What to do now.

Tom MacCubbin gives you his Dirty Word of the Day from his childhood. Have you ever wondered what should gardeners be doing now to plan for a new garden? Calvin Gardner, University of Florida Orange County Extension Horticulturist breaks it down for you. Listeners ask questions about native bromeliads bugs, Mulberry trees, Plumeria plants & more.

You can grow bananas that taste like vanilla ice-cream, WHAT?

Dana Venrick Quality Green Specialists talks about Tropical fruits to include bananas you can grow that taste like vanilla ice-cream. Tom MacCubbin answers question about tomatoes, sapote & palms.

Trees hit by lighting.

Austin Tollman explains what to do when your trees get hit by lighting. Teresa gives you the Dirty Word of the Day & answers listener's questions on Seminole Pumpkins, little white bugs on plants on Agastache & more.

Mosquito solutions & chain-link fence black berry growing.

Bill Stengel chats about Mosquito solutions. Have you ever thought about growing blackberries on chain-link fence? Teresa asked Steven Biggs to explains how nice it is for you & your neighbors.

Randy Schultz on growling herbs to use in your bread making routine.

Dirty Word of the Day. Teresa chats with listeners about papaya's with worms, transplanting an azalea & different types of tomatoes. Randy Schultz on growling herbs to use in your bread making routine.

Dr. Gary Bachman on Are all plants intelligent?

What to be planting right now that can handle the summer heat. Dr. Gary Bachman answers the million dollar question , Are all plants intelligent?

Robotic mowing? Reasons why it may work for you.

Noisy mowers sounds could be a thing of the past. Teresa chats with Tony Smith, owner/operator of AutoLawn™ of Orlando about Robotic mowing. Listeners chime in with their questions about; crape myrtle bark shedding, baby avocados growing & watering a Christmas Palm

Teresa stumbles upon a natural phenomenon & it's very rare.

A natural phenomenon that I've never seen before. Teresa asked for help from UF entomologists. It's very rare and only documented in Texas but it's happened in Florida.